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ESC 2016


  • Rainbow Team


Edu-card Board Game

Kampung Buligir is one of the isolated villages, thus global information hardly go in and go out from this village. The one and only elementary school that exist in the area struggled to teach and give information yet knowledge for the students with a good media. Educational Board Game is an innovative card board game to teach the students know animals, fruits, and things easily and in a fun way available in Indonesia Languange, English, and Korea Language.

  • MOA Team

Multi-functional Mimbar

A mosque in Kampung Buligir had a space issue. Small space mosque made the locals hardly to pray in comfort. Multi-functional mimbar is a flexible mimbar for a Khatib (presenter) to give a speech during the pray that can be installed and reinstalled easily. Furthermore, the mimbar can be used as a large table.

  • Pikachu Team


Stock farmer has been the major occupation of the local people in Kampung Buligir. However, the farmers had a issue in a process of recycling the goat’s feces and organic waste into fertilizer easily. Picompo is a trashbin that has a rotary lever at its cover to stir the goat’s feces and organic waste to help the making process of fertilizer.

  • Ttteokboki Cilok Team

Mini Chicken Farm

The second largest farm in Kampung Buligir chicken farms. The farmers had an issue to keep the chicken warm in steady temperature during the rainy season as the temperature drop. Mini chicken farm is a a chicken cage equiped by thermal sensor and LED as indicator of changing temperature.

  • Flash Team

Dung Crusher

As the most of farmers had an issue to process the goat’s feces into a fertilizer, it is a good a thing to make an innovation for it. Dung crusher is a machine to crush goat’s dry feces to produce plant fertilizer easily.

  • Telpus Team


Another innovation to help the making process of fertilizer from the animals’ feces and organic waste is a Speduk.  Speduk is a modified bicycle to mix also process the animals’ feces and organic waste to be used a fertilizer.

  • Karinding Team

Wood Dryer

Major income for the locals of Kampung Buligir is homemade cassava chips sales. However, its production disturbed in the rains because the woods got wet and could not be used as a material to replaced fuel for frying the chips. Wood dryer is a drawer to keep woods dry during rainy season, thus the local people still able to maintain the production of cassava chips.

  • Ben Ten Team

Dam’s Cover and Filter

The one and only power plant in Kampung Buligir is Micro Hydro Power Plant that supports electricity in the village. However, generator of the power plant sometimes broke due to garbage that covering it. Dam’s cover and filter is covering and filtering the dam from the garbage that could broke the generator power plant.

  • Nohoon Team

Bilik Safer

The homemade cassava chips manufacturer tend to work in outside the house. In the rainy season, the manufacturing process is hampered as the manufactuing materials and so forth could not going on the drain situation. Bilik safer is covering bilik manufacturing materials and tools from the extreme weather.