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ESC 2015

  • Tresno Team

Lobster Cage with Temperature Controller

Lobster Cage with temperature controller to easily check the temperature inside the cage.

  • Tokong Nanas Team

Information Board with a Light Sensor

Board of information which equipped by a light sensor for automated enlightment during the night.

  • Sersan Eureka Team

Edu-card Board Game

Kampung Buligir is one of the isolated villages, thus global information hardly go in and go out from this village. The one and only elementary school that exist in the area struggled to teach and give information yet knowledge for the students with a good media. Educational Board Game is an innovative card board game to teach the students know animals, fruits, and things easily and in a fun way available in Indonesia Languange, English, and Korea Language.

  • Sangkuriang Team

Super Cooler Box

Cooling storage for fishermen to keep the freshness of fish longer.

  • Sarang Sireum Team

Table Puzzle

A table in puzzle form which can be installed and uninstalled easily according to the amount of table that we want .

  • GMT Team

Smart Lighthouse

Lighthouse to assist fishermen have a better vision in direction. It is equipped with light sensor, thus it automatically work during the night

  • D’Morgan Team

Coconut Water Press

Coconut press is a tool to  extract the coconut water in a huge amount faster, simpler, and efficient at once.

  • Feli-X Team

Multi Rotation Book and Shoe Case

Multi functional bookshelf which could be rotated and shoe case for an efficient space room

  • Amazing Bee Team

The Smart Nest

A bee nest which equipped by thermal sensor for better temperture control